Our Mission
The Benefit Security Coalition is dedicated to improving the lives of America’s citizens through public awareness and policy advocacy at the national level. Our primary mission is making the federal government keep its promise of providing the benefits that every hardworking American has earned. We focus on promoting and protecting fair cost of living adjustments to earned benefits such as Social Security and Medicare, as well as safeguarding other benefits due retirees, the disabled, survivors and veterans from cuts or possible elimination.

Our Activities
The program’s goal is to encourage citizens to join together and take an active role in shaping the social policies and laws that impact their lives through education, awareness and grassroots advocacy. To that end we conduct independent research, survey the public, monitor legislation and draft position papers on the subject. We then use this material to alert citizens to the issues, make them aware of their officials stand and arm them with the information necessary to fight for a fair COLA and the other benefits they have earned. Our efforts include media campaigns, direct mail appeals, nationwide petition drives, conferences and this web site. In addition, we provide a voice in Washington for our supporters by meeting with our elected leaders and appointed policymakers to discuss the issues.

Our Support
The Benefit Security Coalition is a policy advocacy, nonpartisan program of Citizen Guardian that relies chiefly on the contributions of private individual citizens to support our work.